About us

Strategic Project Management

At District Zero, we embrace a strategic approach uniquely crafted for each project, meticulously tailored based on its size and requirements. Our methodology involves the deployment of one or more specialized districts, each functioning as a compact core team endowed with deep vertical expertise in their respective fields.

Independent Districts, Unified Vision

Each district within our organization operates as an independent division, equipped with its own management team. These teams are strategically integrated into a project only when their specialized expertise becomes pivotal. This ensures a dynamic and adaptive project structure, promoting efficiency and precision.
Every district manager embrace the T-shaped skill model, a unique blend of horizontal industry knowledge and profound vertical expertise in their specific domain. This distinctive skill set enables our managers to navigate complex projects with agility and insight, ensuring success at every stage.

Dynamic Team

Our team management strategy is dynamic and tailored to project needs. We believe in the power of a small, proficient core team supplemented by skilled freelancers sourced from our established network of Artists. This flexibility allows us to adapt swiftly to the evolving demands of each project, ensuring optimal performance and delivery.

Gerardo Schiavone

Ceo / Exc Producer

Matteo De Simone

Pipeline TD / AI specialist

Maurizio Marseguerra

Technical Artist / Unreal specialist

Ottaviano Brando

CG Supervisor / Lighter

Andrea Geremia

Comp Supervisor

Enrico Sommariva

3D / Lookdev

Nicolò Terranova

VFX Artist

Luca Fasson

Animator / Rigger